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Top 5 Driver Distractions

Driver distractions are the leading cause of automobile crashes and near-crashes. This fact is support by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which recently reported that 80% of vehicle crashes involve some sort of distraction to the operator of the car. In most cases, the distraction occurred immediately before the accident.

Understanding the most common distractions may help you to make sure that you don’t allow yourself to become part of the statistics. Try to avoid the following situations:

1. Cell Phone Use

Cell phones are easily the most common contributing factor in car wrecks caused by driver distraction. Many newer vehicles are equipped with hands-free systems that allow you to operate your cell phone without taking your eyes off of the road, but even a blue-tooth conversation can take your mind off the task at hand and make you more susceptible to an accident.

2. Reaching for a Moving Object

When something falls out of reach or begins rolling around in the car it’s natural to want to reach over and correct the problem, but this sort of distraction can be very dangerous as it takes your attention, eyes, and even hands away from the task of steering the vehicle. Be sure to pull over if you need to retrieve a loose object in the car.

3. Looking at an Object or Event Outside the Vehicle

Shifting your attention to objects or events outside of your vehicles line of travel presents a cognitive and visual distraction that can easily lead to an accident. Rubber-necking at an accident on the side of the highway can easily result in you being in an accident of your own!

4. Reading

The increased use of smart phones has lead to a rise in the amount of media and reading material being available in a motorist’s pocket. Reading emails and other material can distract a driver for an extended period of time, during which driving conditions can change dramatically. It can be hard to ignore when your smart phone buzzes with an email alert, but save it for when you’re parked and get home safe.

5. Applying Makeup

Makeup application tends to be a fairly precise undertaking requiring the full attention of the driver while simultaneously taking their eyes off the road. Ultimately you’re only saving a few minutes by applying makeup in the car, and when the risk is a serious accident, it’s simply not worth it.

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