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The Hazards of Texting while Driving

Advancements in technology have added to the inherent dangers involved in operating a motor vehicle for decades. Many people were adamantly opposed to the installation of radios in cars when the idea first came about. Operating a radio adds a good degree of distraction for any driver. But the invention of 8-track players in cars and later cassette tapes, CDs and MP3 players would double up on that distraction as drivers searched through their personal collections for the particular driving ditty they wanted to hear at any given moment.

A whole new level of distraction was introduced with the cell phone. Laws prohibiting handheld cell phone usage quickly swept through many states. But the debates still continue, as many people argue that it is the conversation that distracts drivers rather than the physical holding of the phone.

Confronting the Latest Driving Risk

Today there is a new hazard on the road and involves both physical and psychological distraction. That hazard is text messaging or texting. In the early stages, texting was reserved for use at home or in the office. Few people used texting as their main method of wireless communication. But today, many people text with their cell phones more than they talk. This is especially true with the teen and tween age brackets. Thus teen drivers, who are still green from inexperience, pose a serious threat as texting drivers.

Many states are rushing to address the texting while driving situation with a number of laws prohibiting texting in the car. Nonetheless, in a recent study, 37 percent of drivers between the ages of 18 and 27 admitted to texting while behind the wheel.

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