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The Dangers of Drafting on the Highway

There has been a relatively recent explosion in the number of drivers attempting to lower their gas usage, in part due to the advent of affordable hybrid vehicles and in part due to rising gasoline prices. While the spirit of these drivers is commendable, certain tactics stand out as being extraordinarily dangerous in practice. In particular, some drivers have taken up drafting, or following closely behind larger vehicles to maximize fuel efficiency.

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Drafting Problems

Although drafting is effective, it is also incredibly dangerous. As a smaller vehicle pulls up closely behind a larger vehicle, the air resistance is reduced substantially. With less wind resistance, the vehicle requires less fuel to keep up with the flow of traffic. However, the drafting driver is usually so close to the car in front of it that, if the leading car reduced its speed suddenly, the drafting car would likely not be able to avoid a collision.

The following accidents may occur due to drafting:

  • Rear-ending trailers on trucks
  • Corner under-ride accidents
  • Motorcycles hitting cars or trucks

In accidents involving high-speed deceleration, injuries such as whiplash are common. Whiplash causes the head to rapidly change direction, potentially damaging the muscles and other tissue in the neck.

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