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Roundabout Safety

Roundabouts were first used in early 20th century city planning. They gained popularity in the US in the 1960s, but the late 20th century saw a drop in popularity. Some drivers have even begun to protest them, as many people are unsure of how to handle these intersections. However, some communities in the US have seen a resurgence of new roundabout construction in the last decade. Motorists should be prepared to encounter this type of intersection

Safety Tips

If you are unsure of how to drive in a roundabout, follow these tips:

  • As you approach a roundabout, yield to the traffic already in the intersection
  • Do not switch lanes and do not come to a stop while in the roundabout
  • Watch out for oversized vehicles
  • Drivers and cyclists should keep a close eye on each other
  • Exit the roundabout with caution and using proper signals

Roundabouts can be much safer than other types of intersections when drivers know how to use them. The main exception to this is the safety of cyclists. Cyclists always face an increased risk when sharing the road with cars, but while roundabouts tend to improve safety for auto drivers, they have not been safe for cyclists.

An early attempt to address this was to build a separate outside lane for cyclists, but this proved much more hazardous, as cars entering and exiting the roundabout often neglected to notice cyclists in the outside lane.

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