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Road Defects

State and local governments have the responsibility of taking care of their public road systems. This includes clearing dangerous debris from the streets, performing routing maintenance on beat-up roadways, clearing snow and ice, and ensuring that drop offs and construction sites are adequately marked off. Though these tasks may seem menial, they are actually quite important. Such roadway defects have been known to cause devastating automotive accidents.

When drivers are not expecting to come across a pothole or sudden, unmarked drop-off, they can be taken by surprise and even lose control of their vehicles for a moment. This sudden loss of control is enough to result in quick, jerky reactions that may result in collisions. Though these accidents can easily be prevented with adequate maintenance and constriction, governments and construction companies sometimes do drop the ball in these areas.

Some of the most common, highly dangerous road deficiencies include the following:

  • Uneven pavement
  • Large and deep potholes
  • Poorly marked roadways
  • Obstructed signs
  • Unmarked roadway drop-offs
  • Poorly marked construction areas
  • Failure to clear road of debris

These dangers can easily be avoided with regular maintenance, prompt response to reported problems, and adequate design/construction. Unfortunately, many municipalities fail to prioritize these dangers and fix these problems in a timely manner. This course of action (or lack thereof) puts you, as well as everyone else on the road, in direct danger.

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