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Modifying a Motor Vehicle

Americans have long been known as automobile enthusiasts, and custom modifications and kit changes to cars have become increasingly common. In fact, modifying and tooling up a car for more speed or better looks has been something of an American pastime for decades. However, that does not mean that the law has approved of the actions of some amateur mechanics. Between state and local laws, certain kits and mods have been outlawed in some areas, while these changes are perfectly legal in others.

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Types of Custom Parts

As mods and kits can change multiple parts of a motor vehicle, the purpose for those buying them from the after-market industry can vary. Some want to make their vehicle faster, some want more impressive handling or grip, and others just want the most attractive ride on the street.

Car modders often change or add the following parts:

  • Nitrous oxide tanks or boosters
  • Custom window tints
  • Spinners, rims, hubcaps, or tires
  • Major body mods
  • Spoilers
  • Light mods, which include underbody neon kits
  • Mufflers
  • Stereo systems
  • Hydraulics

As this only encapsulates a portion of the total customization culture, the range of changes can go from rational to excessive. While these mods are not necessarily illegal in all areas of the United States, and, on their own, rarely cause accidents, drivers should be wary. Improved horsepower does not equate to a raised speed limit, and better traction makes no exemption for lane-weaving rules. Reckless driving, whether in a powerful vehicle or not, is still reckless driving.

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