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Misconceptions Regarding “Sobering Up”

Most of us have been around people who have had a few drinks and say they need “just a few minutes to sober up” before getting behind the wheel. They might try a variety of techniques, but none of these methods are likely to work in a short period of time, and they might possibly make it even more dangerous for the person to be driving or operating other heavy machinery. It is important to understand that nothing but sufficient time can allow a person who was intoxicated to reach sobriety.

The Myths about Sobering Up

No matter how much better you feel after employing one of the following techniques, you should not get behind the wheel of a car or any similar vehicle until after a sufficient amount of time has passed from your consumption of alcohol. The following are a few techniques commonly used to “sober up” that actually have little to no effect on blood alcohol content:

  • Drinking coffee—caffeine often increases the heart rate, and may make you feel like you are thinking more clearly. However, it does not change the amount of alcohol in the blood.
  • Eating—although a full stomach can delay intoxication, alcohol is still absorbed in the digestive tract and enters the blood stream.
  • Exercising—walking or jogging does not cause the person to sweat out the alcohol in their blood. This may actually dehydrate the person, making them more sensitive to the effects of alcohol in their system.

If you have had anything to drink, you ought to wait at least 45 minutes per serving of alcohol before driving. The safest course of action is to use a designated driver or call a taxi.

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