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Guardrail Safety Expectations

With heavy traffic patterns a norm in most American cities, safety on these public roads is a major concern. Without the proper precautions, accidents on these roads can turn from single- or two-vehicle collisions into much more destructive multi-vehicle pile-ups. In particular, guardrails used on highways help to rein in traffic that might cross into oncoming lanes.

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Standards for Guardrails

Government agencies have specific safety goals in mind when constructing barriers or guardrails. As new materials undergo safety tests, the government can better determine which guardrails are appropriate for a particular area or traffic type. However, all guardrails and barriers should hold up to the following standard safety concerns:

  • The rail should keep vehicles from rolling into oncoming traffic
  • The rail should keep vehicles from reflecting back into traffic
  • Under- or over-ride should not occur
  • The damage to the vehicle caused by the rail should be minimal

As a result of these concerns, many designs have been improved over the years. In particular, many areas have turned to cable guardrails instead of steel beams or concrete barriers. In part, these cables reduce the possibility of a guardrail bouncing a vehicle back into traffic after a collision while staying strong enough to stop the vehicle from plowing through the railing.

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Injuries sustained as a result of a defective guardrail or due to a missing barrier can leave individuals with significant medical bills and other expenses. To learn more about your options following an injury on the road, contact the Racine car accident attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, today at 800-242-2874.

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