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Dealing with 18 Wheelers

18 wheelers pose a serious threat to other drivers on the highway. Highway driving is already very dangerous, but when dodging 18 wheelers is thrown in with extreme speed, high traffic volume and lowered reaction time, the potential for fatalities becomes huge.

The size and weight of these trucks is what makes them truly dangerous. A truck with a fully loaded trailer can legally weigh up to 40 tons or 80,000 pounds. The strain that this amount of weight puts on the vehicle itself can lead to:

  • Frequent brake failure in which the huge truck can spin out of control while on the highway
  • Tire blowouts in which tire tread can act as projectiles flying towards other vehicles
  • Unhinged trailers which can cause the truck’s load to fly out of the back and the driver to lose control

Limited Visibility

Truck drivers have severely hindered visibility when it comes to the position of other drivers on the road. In fact, a truck driver often cannot even see a car at all while it is passing the truck. When a driver must pass an 18 wheeler, he or she should do so as quickly as safely possible. Never follow these trucks or drive next to them as they may be unable to detect you on the road.

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