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Dangers of Hands-Free Cell Phone Use

Hands-free devices for cell phone communication in cars have been touted for years as a safe alternative to handheld devices. Some states have even enacted cell phone bans with specific exemptions for hands-free wireless devices.

Unfortunately, studies have shown time and again that the relative safety of a hands-free device is a misconception. In reality, the component of a cell phone conversation which significantly impairs the drivers ability to control a vehicle is distraction by the conversation, not the act of handling a cell phone.

Driver Distractions

Scientific studies have demonstrated that holding a conversation on the phone while driving significantly impairs driving ability. Results of these studies indicate that:

  • Drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident during a call and for minutes afterward.
  • A driver focused on a conversation is 50% more likely to veer off the road into the shoulder than one focused on driving alone.
  • When holding a cell phone conversation, either handheld or hands-free, drivers react 18% slower than intoxicated drivers.
  • Activity in the parietal lobe of the brain decreases by 40% when the language centers of the brain are used while driving, an area in which activity is strong under normal driving conditions.

This information makes it clear that hands-free devices do not eliminate the risks of accidents that cell phone conversations cause and should not be relied upon to do so.

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