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3 Top Seat Belt Safety Misconceptions

By now, most Americans have heard the phrase “Click It or Ticket.” We know that we’re expected to wear seat belts and that we might be penalized if we don’t. And while many of us understand the reason behind this, there are many common misconceptions about wearing seat belts that are widely accepted. The danger of these misconceptions is that they can cost people their good health or even their lives.

  • I’m just driving a few blocks and won’t be going fast, so I don’t need my seat belt. Many people who acknowledge the importance of seat belts underestimate the forces that occur in even low-speed accidents. These are in fact the most common accidents, and getting in a collision at just 20 mph is the equivalent of falling from the top of a two-story building. It’s important to always buckle up.
  • Seat belts could endanger you by trapping you in a car fire or sinking vehicle. It is very rare that a seat belt malfunctions and does not release after an accident. You are much more likely to survive either of these extreme (and exceptionally rare) accidents if you have your seat belt on.
  • I have airbags, so I don’t need my seat belt. Airbags are specifically designed to add some extra protection while you are wearing your seat belt. Without it, you might not be in the right position to benefit from the airbag, and you are simply much, much more likely to survive or be less severely injured if you wear both your seat belt and have airbags.

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